Thursday, August 16, 2012

In Instagram: Red Rocks, Colorado

On Monday morning I woke up to something unusual: it was cloudy (!)-- the sun wasn't shining(!). This is Colorado, folks, and the sun is always shining. So I scrapped our plans to go to the library and the Denver Art Museum. Instead we went on a hike that is nearly impossible to do when the sun is full-force (with 90 degree temps) and you're shlepping two small boys around with you on a nature excursion.
On this wonderfully cloudy day, we decided to hit Red Rocks. It's a short drive, say 20 minutes, from our home in Denver and through the town of Morrison. There are awesome vistas and gorgeous rock formations. It was a really great way to spend an afternoon...
{I took these shots on my iPhone using the Instagram app, which is my latest obsession. I played around with the filters and exposures. Next time I'll bring my big camera and lens, but I think this is a pretty great way to capture a hike-- especially when you don't want to carry heavy gear around with you.}
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  1. RighttAfterOregonPapsAugust 16, 2012 at 9:16 PM

    The filters make it look like your kids are trekking through a desert version of our childhood! Such sweet Ansely landscapes!

    1. Welcome back!! Let's talk this weekend. x0x0 Rocky Mountain Mamzy.

  2. Those are some cool looking rocks...and some cute munchkins too!